"Benchmarked", 2008
The Contemporary Museum,
Honolulu, Hawaii

"drawn glass 0.40, 0.41, 0.42", permanent collection of
Four Seasons Resort, Wailea, Maui, Hawaii
mixed media on layered Japanese papers mounted on silk scroll

60" x 20.5" (each scroll), 2006

"variation on a meditation 5.0"     
pyrography, graphite on paper

18" x 30', 2005

Piece highlighted below in 2005 solo exhibition as installed in lobby of a new condominium in downtown Honolulu
"iterations", Koa Gallery, Honolulu, Hawaii 2006
6 x 9    
ash and resin on handmade paper

64" x 97" (as installed), 2006


individual pieces



Pyrography is a key medium both conceptually and aesthetically.  Numbers have been my visual language.  In this piece, I combine deconstructed images of my body and Arabic numerals.  The images were initially sketched with pencil on wood. Those lines were drawn over with molten glass.  The wood was then cut into squares and imprinted on wet paper pulp.  When dry, the ash of the burned wood is fused with the paper.  The paper also reads every imperfection in the wood.

Solo Exhibition at Hui Noeau, Makawao, Maui, Hawaii 2006
Installation views of pieces from the "drawn glass" and "palimpsest" series
"(4 x 4) x 4 x 3"    

pyrography, handmade paper, wood
58" x 78", 2006

In October, 2005, I spent a day working with a master paper maker at Dieu Donne Papermill in New York City.  I had previously branded images on both sides of 9" x 9" plywood squares. The papermaker pulled sheets of lightly pigmented cotton paper pulp and then transferred them around the plywood squares. The sheets were pressed around the squares in a hydraulic press and then dried in a forced air drying system. This piece incorporates both the handmade paper embossed with the image and the wood squares.

"variation on a meditation 5.0" (top)  


"variation on a meditation 1.1 - 1.39" (bottom) 

pyrography, graphite on paper
18" x 30', 2005
  pyrography, collagraph, aluminum, thread
10" x 20" (each panel), 2005
variation on a meditation 5.0 (detail)   variation on a meditation 5.0 (closer detail)
variations on a meditation 1.1 – 1.39 (detail)   variations on a meditation 1.1 – 1.39 (closer detail)
Installation view of 2005 solo exhibition at the Academy Art Center, Honolulu Academy of Arts, entitled Variations on a Meditation. variation on a meditation 5.0, variations on a meditation 1.1 – 1.39 and variation on a meditation 4.0 were included in this exhibition.
"variation on a meditation 4.0"
pyorgraphy, graphite
32" x 9', 2004
"1 – 16, 259", collection of
Achenbach Collection of the Fine Art Museums of San Francisco, California
pyrography on paper, steel rods
6' x 30' x 4', 2000